Sunday, 11 February 2018

On Saturday our team headed back to Lima where some members of the team prepared to head home while others prepared for a few days of sight-seeing.  Six members of our team headed on to Cusco and then to the sacred valley of the Inca at Pisca.  Terraced fields were built about 1000 years ago.  Notice the climbers.


This is the team on Friday our last day at Casa Santa Rosa (orphanage).

Here are some picture of Canete.  San Vicente de Cañete, commonly known simply as Cañete, is a town in Peru, which is the capital of the Cañete Province, in the Lima Region. With a population of 25,829, Cañete is the main town of the San Vicente de Cañete District.  The NPH (orphanage) is located near the town of Canete.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Tie Dyed shirts and pizza

Last night the RRMRR team bought pizza for all the children and staff.  We all wore our tie-dyed shirts for the event.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Time for some R & R

On Sunday the group took a break and traveled by bus to Huacachina, an oasis with huge sand dunes, perfect for surfing down.  Here is a picture of the Huacachina sunset.

Some of today's projects

Finished the ceiling in the kitchen a few days ago.  Today, mixed and poured a new cement pad, built a trellis for grapes, built shelves in storage area.  A full day, hot work but rewarding.

The latest from Peru

“NPH has started a garden to grow produce.   There are fruit trees- lime, avocado, apple, mango and plum, plus watermelon, cantaloupe, corn and beans.   The land is arid but with a shared irrigation they will over time be able to add more fruit and veggies to their diet.”